About Love n Me


Love n Me has a simple philosophy: The strength and love to empower oneself comes from within. But often there are so many external factors that can affect a young girl or even a full-grown woman that it’s easy to lose their way such as...

  • • Bullying
  • • Poor self-image
  • • Molestation
  • • Human trafficking
  • • Juvenile offenses
  • • Probation/parole
  • • Sexual abuse/sexual violence
  • • Homelessness
  • • At-risk youth
  • • Domestic abuse
  • • Teen/unwanted pregnancy
  • • LBGQT issues
  • • Substance/alcohol abuse
  • Sadly, it is often those who are deeply affected by their circumstances and struggles that tend to make poor life choices, which can lead to harmful lifestyles, depression, and damaged self-worth. This happens to too many young girls and women – that’s why in 2009, Love n Me was created to help women and girls find that inner strength and self-love.

    Love n Me believes that every person has the potential to become someone amazing – all it takes is courage and strength from within.

    We offer workshops, counseling, support groups, opportunities, and social networking to help girls and women learn to love themselves so that they can realize their full potential. Check out our classes, workshops, and services page to see what speaks to you.