Specialty Classes

Specialty Classes

These are classes designed to help constructively improve the difficulties that many people face with issues of anger, violence, and frustration. All classes meet court-ordered requirements and are taught with an attitude of forgiveness and a recognition of a person’s desire to better oneself.

Anger Management – Anger is a natural human emotion – we all have it from time to time. But for some, anger becomes so overwhelming that it turns into rage, a destructive force with actions that can cause violence or even death.

Love n Me addresses the problems of uncontrolled anger and rage head on. We provide the tools for people who need extra help keeping their anger in check. In this class, you will learn:

  • • how to articulate your anger directly;
  • • assert yourself in a confident way without the use of anger;
  • • and find constructive ways to express yourself without aggressive or inappropriate behavior.

  • Meets the court-ordered requirements for Anger Management.

    Contact us or call 1-669-377-3382 for a schedule of Anger Management classes or to sign up.

    Domestic Violence & Batterer’s Treatment Program – Open to anyone who wants to remedy their problems with domestic violence. The program focuses on treatment, not judgment. The purpose of this class is to help participants find ways to overcome violent tendencies through a variety of tools, strategies, and counseling. We will examine triggering issues such as gender roles, socialization, the nature of the violence, the dynamics of power and control, substance abuse awareness, and the effects of abuse on children and families.

    We believe that education is key to stopping domestic assault and will teach useful methods of dealing with this behavior including:

  • • how to effectively communicate feelings;
  • • gain empathy toward others;
  • • manage stress;
  • • recognize when on the path towards abusive behavior and implement strategies to counteract it;
  • • reach out and call for help when the need to become violent arises.

  • Participants have reported positive results after taking this class in learning how to take ownership of their behavior and change their lives for the better, rebuilding their world and the relationships within them.

    Fulfills the 52-week Certified Domestic Violence Batterer’s Treatment Program. Ideal for court-ordered classes.

    Contact us or call 1-510-265-0583 to learn more about the program, view schedules, or enroll.

    Parenting Classes – Whether you’re expecting your first child or are a well-seasoned parent navigating the choppy waters of the teenage years, our classes will help you build loving and healthy relationships with your kids while maintaining your parental authority. Love n Me covers a wide range of topics pertinent to every parent including:

  • Effective communications with your child. It’s so important that your child feels a trust with you, this will open the door so that they can talk to you about life experiences and problems. Being involved in their life will keep you aware of the major events they face, and allow you to guide them when they need it.

  • Building trust and creating bonds with your child. Maintaining a close relationship with your child is a valuable tool in helping your child stay on a healthy life path.

  • Coping with stress – parenting is not easy, but very rewarding. You are put through the ringer, but we can teach you how to take it moment by moment and keep your cool even during rough times.

  • The discipline dilemma – Too much can be damaging, not enough can cause behavioral problems. It’s a fine line and one parents are often trying to find the balance with. Love n Me can help you identify what is appropriate and necessary.

  • Love n Me uses a 4-pronged approach when teaching these classes:

  • 1. Having Appropriate Expectations
  • 2. Providing Effective Communication
  • 3. Using Reasonable Discipline
  • 4. Setting Boundaries

  • These classes are useful for first-time parents, parents who are feeling overwhelmed, parents in a reunification process, or parents who are required to complete parenting classes. These classes are designed to strengthen family structures and help parents set realistic expectations and approaches in their parenting techniques.

    Meets the court-ordered requirement for parenting classes.

    Contact us or call 1-669-377-3382 to learn more about Love n Me’s Parenting Classes, get a session schedule, or sign up.