Services for Women

Giving women the power to change their lives

We believe that every woman has the ability to make a fulfilling life for herself. All it takes is motivation, opportunity, and inner strength. At Love n Me, we are dedicated to helping women find that self-empowerment with workshops, programs, and guidance. Our goal is to give women the tools to overcome personal obstacles and achieve success.

Workshops / Counseling / Support for Women

Life Coach – There are a lot of curveballs in life. Sometimes we can move past them easily, but others can knock the wind out of us. When we get stuck on an issue or direction, a life coach can offer guidance and support to help us work through both personal and career goals.

Many professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and business leaders credit their success to the use of Life Coaches. A Life Coach can help you take your career or life to the next level. Think of life as a sport: We may be the star athlete and have the capacity to live well, but having a coach can give us additional insights and an objective viewpoint. These are powerful tools for helping us achieve our goals.

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Love n Me

Educational Assistance – In today’s employment market, higher education plays a key role in job placement. Love n Me provides opportunities for women to invest in their future through additional education. Whether you’re pursuing your GED, BA, MA, PhD, or want to attend a trade school, we will make education an achievable goal. If you’re feeling unfocused, Love n Me will assist in helping you determine what career or academic path is best suited for you. We offer financial assistance, educational counseling, application support and guidance to ensure your academic journey ends in success.

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Career Guidance – Part of finding one’s way in life is knowing where we fit in. Having a fulfilling career can improve self-esteem, give the feeling of self-worth, and create a sense of happiness. Love n Me’s counselors are thoroughly trained to help you identify your marketable talents and the job/career that is the best fit for you. They also will support you in discovering where your passions in life lie, and how to turn those into a viable career. Career Counselors will assist with resume building, interview coaching, job training, job placement, referrals, career building education, filling out applications, and even providing a new outfit for a job interview or new line of work.

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Support Groups and One-On-One Counseling – If you have suffered through a traumatic event, you need a safe place to be able to share your private thoughts without worrying about judgment, criticism, or endangerment. Love n Me offers a protected and encouraging environment for women to open up and begin the healing process. Private counseling is also available – a perfect option for those of us who are more comfortable talking one-on-one instead of in a group setting.

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Women’s Empowerment Group – Sadly, domestic violence is a more common than we think. It’s the primary source of injury to women – topping car accidents, muggings, and rape combined. Worldwide, 1 in 3 women has experienced some form of abuse in their lifetime, whether it’s physical, sexual, or emotional.

Love n Me strives to bring women back from this dark place in their lives by offering a weekly support group for women who are victims of abuse. We provide a safe and protected place for you to explore the violence and abuse in your life – and decide what to do about it. We will also help you, when you’re ready, to come up with a plan of action to exit the relationship and start a new life. All group meetings are confidential and secure.

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Activities and Retreats for Taking Care of You – Sometimes, we need a chance to get away for some quality “me time”. Love n Me offers a variety of fun activities to accomplish exactly that. Enjoy a luncheon or dinner with other interesting and empowered women … be inspired by a seminar featuring strong, smart women who’ve created amazing lives for themselves … treat yourself to some pampering at the spa … take a workshop to help you tap into your inner strength. The key is to put the focus back on yourself and recharge.

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Transitioning Back into the Community – Rejoining society after a period of incarceration can be one of the most difficult transitions to make. Often you may find that the world is very different than the way you left it. You may discover that you need a whole new set of skills to find a job, place to live, or just survive. Love n Me will help you through these challenges as you put the pieces of your life back together. We assist with job placement, housing, and a re-education for everyday living. Our goal is to help these women get back on their feet with a fulfilling career and life so that they can become a valued member of their community.

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