Testimonials & Inspirational Stories

Love n Me touches lives and teaches girls and women how to improve their situations by loving themselves. Here are the stories of some of our clientele who have turned their lives around …

“When I was 16, I ran away from home and met a guy who forced me into prostitution. One day this lady pulls up, hands me her business card, and says, ‘If you ever need help, call me.' I ended up calling her some weeks later at 2:30 am because I was tired of being abused and being forced to sell my body."

When I called, the CEO (Unique) got out of bed at 2:30 am, came to Oakland, picked me up, and took me to her home. She fed me, provided me with some clothing, and contacted my mother to let her know I was safe. The whole time she kept telling me, ‘You need to get back in school … You need your education.' Unique helped me work out things with my mother, enroll in schools, and monitored my grades. Every week I was mentored, provided with tutoring, and received counseling for me and my mother."

“Thanks Love n Me for helping me graduate from high school. I’m currently at Laney College Cosmetology School doing hair, which I love. Thanks to Love n Me for saving my life!”

- Ericka M., Oakland, CA

“I was referred to Love n Me by calling 211. I was very depressed, suicidal, and had low self-esteem. When I first called, I spoke with Unique. She was kind, professional, compassionate, and concerned. She listened to me and immediately set up an appointment for me to receive services. After seeing her for some months, I'm no longer in an abusive relationship, no longer feeling suicidal, and feeling better about myself. My confidence has gone from a 1 to 7. Thanks to Love n Me, I can now say that I love myself. They also helped me enroll back in school and helped me find a nice, safe place to live.”

- Rebecca F., Union City, CA

“I was having some problems with my teen daughter who was using drugs, not attending classes, and being disrespectful. I contacted 211 for a referral and got Love n Me’s information. When I contacted them about my daughter, she (Unique) was polite and helpful. After taking my daughter to Love n Me, she has changed completely. She's no longer doing drugs, cutting classes, her grades have gone up, and she has a much better attitude towards me. I highly recommend Love n Me.”

- Krissy M., Union City, CA

“I went to Love n Me for some anger management classes and personal counseling for 6 months. They really helped me! The CEO (Unique) is really nice, down to earth, and very laid back. She made it very easy to speak about sensitive matters. She's very caring and compassionate! Excellent service.”

- Javon M., Hayward, CA

“I came to Love n Me because I was depressed and had low self-esteem. I felt like a failure because I was overweight and never achieved anything. Love n Me taught me to love myself. My confidence is high and I accomplished some goals. I now have a good job at Kaiser, thanks to Love n Me. I feel so good about myself now and love who I am.”

- Kim W., Oakland, CA

“I dropped out of school at 16 due to pregnancy. I was also in an abusive situation. I contacted Love n Me. They mentored me, found me a safe place to leave my abusive boyfriend, and encouraged me to go back to school and get my GED. I'm currently at San Jose State University getting a degree in nursing. Love n Me helped me discover my passion for nursing.”

- Shana J., Fremont, CA

“I was having some problems with my daughter who is in middle school. She was cutting classes, getting bad grades, hanging with the wrong people, and constantly running away. Someone recommended that I call Love n Me ... (which) offers workshops and supports groups. Due to the help and support of Love n Me, her grades have improved. She's no longer cutting classes and running away. Love n Me would even monitor her grades and talk to her teachers. I am very happy with this non-profit. The CEO (Unique) is very caring, compassionate, and has such a good heart. She truly cares about the community.”

- Lisa J., San Leandro, CA

“I was 16, a junior in high school, getting straight F's, committing crimes, and doing drugs. Love n Me took me under their wing and started mentoring me. They provided me with counseling to help me deal with my pain and provided me with tutoring. They helped me get into some night classes so I could makeup my credits and graduate. With the help of Love n Me, I started passing all my classes, stopped cutting school, and stopped committing crimes and doing drugs. They taught me to love myself by making the right choices. I'm now in college and will be graduating in 2017 with a degree in Criminal Justice.”

- Andreala B., Hayward, CA